The Lynx Hand Controls can be fitted to over 95% of automatic vehicles and differ from any other hand controls you have used before:

  • They are portable;
  • They do not require specialist fitting; and,
  • They can be fitted and removed in only a few minutes.

Lynx is a Short-term Mobility Specialist meeting the needs of disabled drivers with good upper body function and hand dexterity, as well as drivers who are recovering from an injury that prevents them from using foot pedals.

Our controls are used as a permanent solution to meet the needs of disabled drivers as well as a temporary solution for:

  • Temporary leg injury and convalescence;
  • Car hire, both at home and abroad;
  • Test driving a new or second hand car;
  • Courtesy car when your own car is of the road;
  • Operating specialist work vehicles; and,
  • Motor sport – e.g. off road driving.

Our aim is to ensure that you are never without a vehicle.